The Rules of a Successful Interview

The Rules of a Successful Interview

  • What universal principles should you hold on to in order to get through the interview and impress the employer?
  • How to answer the interviewer’s questions
  • What nuances of your behavior should you focus on during the interview with the employer?

The Rules of a Successful Interview

When your application interests a potential employer, you should get an invitation to an interview. If a correctly made resume is the first step towards the desired job then a successful interview is the second important step. Make this step firmly, with solid self-esteem, and without any mistakes.

Maximum Information is a Plus

Gather as much information about the company as you can: company’s domain, philosophy, goals, partners, and competitors. Usually, such information is available even on the official website of the company. Gathering information is monotonous and meticulous work, but it is worth doing. Having all the information you need will help you to answer any questions from the recruiter and show your interest towards the future job.

An Interview is a Two-way Choice

You should remember from the beginning that not only your employer chooses you, but you also choose an employer. Obviously, when the vacancy doesn’t inspire you and you chose it just to get hired, it is very important to impress your employer without thinking too much about whether this job suits you. On the other hand, if the job truly interests you then do not hesitate to ask important questions that you will definitely want to ask. You shouldn’t ask way too many questions though. Just enough to receive useful information about the company and decide whether this vacancy fits your specific demands.

Answer the Questions Informatively

It is important to prepare for the interview beforehand. Apparently, it is hard to forecast what questions your potential employer will ask, but there are various standard questions that appear often during interviews. Be ready for the employer to be more than interested in your career and life. Be ready to tell him about your negative traits and advantages, to explain why you left your previous job and what kind of person your ex-boss was.

The Important Details

Coming to the interview in time, having business style clothing, speaking correctly, being focused, and gesturing could become a heavy factor affecting the decision on your persona. Think through all the details meticulously. For example, when speaking with an employer, keep your back straight, but remain easy, put your hands on the knees, sometimes use suiting gestures to color your speech. Do not avoid eye contact, but never stare at the interviewer. Listen to your interlocutor attentively. Do not shy from smiling, but avoid doing it constantly. It is enough to just show that you are ready for a calm and friendly conversation. The most important, do not forget to emphasize that you truly want to work in this company at this particular position. This is not an ice-cold reasoning, but a way to show that you clearly see your preferences and goals. You will see that the result will be immediate!

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16 Mar 2016
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