Personal branding: self-promotion, who needs it and why?

Personal branding: self-promotion, who needs it and why?

  • Benefits and drawbacks of personal branding
  • Where to start?


Headhunters often complain: the candidate is a perfect pro, but he absolutely can’t sell himself. What does it mean? No experience of public presentations, inability to tell about your achievements in bright colours, absence of professional reputation beyond some small groups.

Where does it come from?

The Soviet heritage – “first think of your Motherland and then of yourself”, inculcate of modesty as a “good” quality have led to the situation that people are absolutely unable to spark interest, to tell about themselves, that they don’t work on their personal professional PR. So, when they come for an interview they can’t cut through the clutter, and their real qualities become visible just during the trial engagement. What’s the problem with this “false” modesty – the problem is that “the best worker on the farm had always been the Horse, but for some reason he never became the chairman”. You need personal branding in order to be regarded as a presentable and valuable specialist in case you lose your job or decide to change it for a better one.
There’s nothing wrong with the publicity – people seek for authorityand like to rely upon well-tried methods. If you’re really good at your field get in the spotlight and you’ll attract those ones who need your advice. That will be especially useful if you are a lawyer, an accountant, a solicitor or a PR expert; if you work with your hands or in the service sector; if your work can become a consulting base or you’re a domain technical expert.

Personal branding consists of 6 steps

1.Looks and manners 2.Participation in press- and business-conferences, publications in business mass-media and on the Internet 3.Activity in a business community: clubs, units, trade-unions and so on 4.Participation in business events of general direction 5.Activity in social networks and in the trend forums 6.Keeping a blog or a personal site

Looks and manners

We’ve already talked about the professional portrait, but now you’ve got to look great all the time both at work and at some public events. Not smart or chic, but trim, stylish and tidy. Take care of your haircutor hair dressing, manicure and clothes. Develop your presentation skills – get a beautiful smile, become eloquent, take oratory courses and work on your voice.

Participation in business events

Take your chance – make comments for the mass-media, write articles for magazines, apply for field-specific conference reports and make your management send you to tutorials or results presentation.

Activity in a business community

Join various professional clubs and communities. As a rule, membership is either free or not very expensive, but such clubs are often covered in the mass-media or on the Internet. Break free from your routine schedule work-home-friends and invest some of your free time into your own professional brand.

Participation in business events of general direction

You’re welcome to business-lunches, open meetings and conferences (especially the free ones). Don’t complain of the low contents quality – you’ve come here to seek publicity first of all, remember that.

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Activity in social networks and in the trend forums

Write in your own name about your work, difficulties you’ve faced and achievements and discoveries you’ve made. You’ll find followers and opponents and the point is you’ll show yourself to be an expert.

Keeping a personal blog or site

If you’re savvy enough you can even make your own website with media publications and articles. This site will serve you as a press-kit, as a resume as well as a portfolio with your works.

Drawbacks of personal branding

Promoting yourself means your being in the spotlight all the time. You can’t allow posting a bad picture, a poor comment or swear words. Your family members should also behave themselves. Right, you can’t lie about your achievements or overplay them too much – your competitors and non-content ex-bosses are also here in the spotlight watching you. Don’t leave compromising videos or pictures, don’t quarrel with people. Before starting a new public life, ask yourself - is your being in the spotlight comfortable for you?

Where to start: image creation

Your image on the Internet is a presentation of your values well displayed and well-founded and of some small drawbacks which make you a human being, bring you closer to the common people.Look at yourself in the mirror and think - who you look like, who you’d like to become - and make a plan. Watch a video about making a resume on our website, to start with. You’ll find much useful there for your own personal branding. Become a star –that easy, you’re gonna love it!

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