Devil Wears Prada. How to Never Miss Opportunities

Devil Wears Prada. How to Never Miss Opportunities

  • A demanding employer in the beginning of your career is a luck
  • Be greedy about the opportunities and leave self-knowledge for the future

Devil Wears Prada. How to Never Miss Opportunities

Today I would like to discuss the movie “Devil Wears Prada” based on the book with the same name written by Lauren Weisberger. I consider this movie a must-watch especially for young people who aim at building a spectacular career. I do not agree on the general opinion about the movie that its core idea is to show the world of fashion from the inside and that is an easy, simple, and funny movie. I think that the true values are in the very different things. A quick remark, I watched this movie twice: when my career just started and was about to spring to its highs and seven years later when my career had become a success and my business had been built and operated stably. I must admit that my conclusions about the movie after the first and second time were opposite.

Let’s cover the most important aspects of this movie in order to find all the answers we seek:

1. Myranda Priestly – an absolute professional of her domain, the unmatched.

None of that just fell on her from the heavens. She still has her status, her job, her resources and opportunities, and she still loves her business. She works constantly and personally manages all the important processes within the company. My opinion: if you are completely consumed by your occupation and give it all you have, you are doomed for the success. Only like this!

2. Myranda – an usurper, a bitch, and an impossible boss. Is it so?

When I first watched this movie (at the age of 24), I thought exactly like that. Nowadays I consider her as a just and smart boss who doesn’t have any time for baby-talk. At the same time, she has enough compassion and attention to notice even the slightest changes in her employees, to highlight them correctly without unnecessary sweetness, and to give them more power when convenient. I believe that these qualities are fundamental for an effective manager who can ensure progress of their employees. Moreover, I think that it is a big luck to get such a boss in the very beginning of your career.

3. Myranda Priestly tries to find the balance between her work and family. Is it even possible?

Despite being so busy and even consumed by her business, Myranda thinks about her family and tries to find the balance within her family. The fact that she cannot accomplish it, judging by the amount of mentioned husbands, does not mean that she is hopeless. She truly wants to have a loving significant other, but she is not ready to sacrifice the job of her life for him. Moreover, she doesn’t need to! I think that she simply never met HER man. These kinds of women need a man who will love them in the beginning of their career, the one who will have his own job and will respect their lifestyle. The man who will adore, love, and support his woman for what she is. I would just avoid such a conflict between work and family. I would choose a successful career and my husband would support me in my life choices even if it would mean a lack of attention from me.

4. Nigel. Is Myranda’s harsh actions a betrayal?

The first reaction is a huge disrespect for such a move from Myranda. If you think about it though, Myranda sacrificed way too much to make her business successful to simply give up on it. From my point of view, she is not betraying Nigel, but saving herself. It is normal for any human being. Yet again, it is a showcase for her strategic mind and ability to forecast the future.

5. Andrea. What choice would you make if you were in her place?

Watching this movie for the first time, I categorically approved her actions and thought that she was right to neglect the opening opportunities in order to save her relationship with her boyfriend and journalist career. Today I think differently. I think that she were incredibly lucky to have such a demanding boss in the beginning of her career. Myranda kept the tempo intense and set the bar high and Andrea stood up for the challenge. Just look at her a year after. She is unrecognizable. She became a very self-confident and complete young woman who knows how think out of the box a going all-in when needed. Then again, she dreamed about being a journalist, so we can think of her decision as of a desire to chase her dream and that is a right thing to do. I believe that choosing between work and relationships is silly. I vote for compromise and harmony. Anyone should try to become a complete person and only then this person will be comfortable in any relationship. If a person sacrifices something very important to save their relationship, it often leads to a huge disappointment and the depression caused by it spoil the relationship anyways. As a result, we have both broken relationship and missed opportunities.


This movie is very relevant to me. I faced the same things on the dawn of my career. My boss was just as talented and demanding and Myranda. I even had a similar plane story when Myranda demanded to travel home despite the hurricane. For me this situation sounded like this: “I am in Salzburg, having fun with my family. Turns out today Shachter plays versus Salzburg in soccer, I want to go!” I tried to find the tickets, I called even to Shachter main office and they said: “The match is today, there is no tickets here in Ukraine, only in Austria.” When I tried to explain the situation to my boss, I heard only: “I’m not interested in your excuses, you failed to deliver results, that’s all.” I had no desire to argue or to feel offended. It was a fact. There was a task and that task was failed.

To get this job I moved to another city. After a while, I married and for a lone period of time me and my husband lived separately in different cities. I could visit him only on weekends, but he always supported me and never gave me any headaches. One and half year in that company and I made a huge leap in my career. I became a HR manager of the whole Holding (15 000 employees), entered the boardroom, and, most importantly, became successful at the age of 24. After that my career moved only upwards and from my point of view a huge factor of my growth was my boss, my Myranda Priestly. My boss induced a right amount of self-demand in me. I learned how to accomplish hard tasks, how to look at the situation broader, and how to progress at very fast pace: to read more, to sleep less, and to enjoy the results.

I truly thank my fate for the patience, self-confidence, and wisdom my husband had to support me altruistically in my springing career. My way up always was escorted by: 1) never being at home; 2) often travelling; 3) too little time to spend with my husband. What do we have as a result? I became a professional and built my own business. I can spend more time with my family. I have a 4-year-old son and we plan to have more. I deeply respect my husband and everything is perfect!

Which position do you support?

  1. To achieve your goals sometimes you have to struggle and endure a lot.
  2. Never spend your best years on work, tasks, demands, and stress.
Megan HotWork author
17 Mar 2016
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