Choosing a job according to temperament

Choosing a job according to temperament

  • Which professions are preferable for different temperaments?
  • Which professions should be avoided by different temperaments?

Choosing a job according to temperament

The Work and the Temperament

Choosing your occupation is undoubtedly very important. Most specialists do not suggest limiting the search field by choosing the most prestigious profession, the biggest salary, or the distance between you and a college. Temperament is a fundamental part of a human’s character. It strongly affects a lot of his traits, preferences, interests, and professional skills. Let’s take a look at the specialties fitting each of 4 fundamental personality types.

For a Choleric

An explosive, active, confident, and assertive choleric will never be happy doing a monotonous job that demands meticulous calculations, thorough analysis of the situation, or steady gathering of information. At the same time, if a job requires thrust, active self-raise, and upholding interests, choleric is irreplaceable. This type of personality doesn’t fit the job of an accountant, a librarian, a coder, or a pharmacist. A choleric should choose a path of a marketer or an insurance agent. Being a host on television or radio, journalist, guide, or salesperson will also fit this type of personality well.

For a Sanguine

The most balanced, happy, and benevolent temperament. These people are not limited in choosing a profession and most likely will be successful in any domain. Still, specialists suggest that the most fitting specialties for a sanguine are a pedagogue, an administrator, a staff manager, a lawyer, a technologist, and an engineer. A sanguine can become an efficient CEO in any domain. This type of personality will not be interested in domains such as office work, accounting, jewelry, though exclusions are possible. For a Phlegmatic Unlike its counter-part, choleric, a slow and calm phlegmatic will become an ideal accountant, economist, analyst, laboratory worker, or jeweler. A phlegmatic fits well in domains that require a lot of monotonous work. Communications, improvisation, and activities can unsettle a phlegmatic. This is why a phlegmatic should avoid professions like a reporter or a host of a TV-show.

For a Melancholic

Melancholic is a person of moods. Passionate, sensitive, and prone to retiring into their shells, they struggle to find the job they truly like. For a melancholic it is important to be respected and acknowledged. They struggle to be social, but in general they are creative and talented. A melancholic will be efficient as writers, critics, painters, and sculptors. They can work as auditors, accountants, archivists, librarians, and economists. A melancholic should avoid professions such as shop assistants, marketers, or insurance agents.

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17 Mar 2016
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