Perhaps it’s too early to quit?

Perhaps it’s too early to quit?

  • Thinking of quitting?
  • No things bringing joy? Not a single? Such feelings might be false and you might find yourself within an inch of making a huge mistake

Perhaps it’s too early to quit?

Not all of us are that fond of our job to be crazy about it all year round. But sometimes we get tired so much that without listening to ourselves we quit just in order to stay at home, to have some rest or to go somewhere.

If the quit has happened not due to an unexpected conflict or some personal troubles, then it must have happened due to your inner dismissal, i.e. you’ve been finding faults with your job for some time already trying to figure out those particular things that make you unhappy, drive you mad and that are not going to change ever and that you are unable to change. If that’s not your case but you’re bursting to give up everything because you feel fed up with everyday routine, familiar faces, problems at home and all that sort of thing – all you need is a long vacation, no sandy beaches, but a real escape. If there’s a winter tale outside the window and your only wish is to fret and fume (and your job is the starting point) – try to figure out what’s going on with you and only after that take a step.

When it is the right time to quit

Signs of inner dismissal: spiritless work, sabotage, you just can’t make yourself complete those tasks you used to love, you’re not getting very well with your colleagues or your boss, and you seem to be unable and not willing to change anything, you know there’re lots of problems here but you are not ready to solve them; you’re not looking for a new job yet and you’re staying here because of the money and for fear of doubtful future. Some people can go on working with the feeling of inner dismissal for many years. They don’t have knowledge or courage enough to start doing something different, something they’ve ever wanted to, they also might have some financial commitments like a loan or a rent. What happens after you’ve got an inner dismissal? You don’t provide benefit for your company as much as you used to, but the most frightening thing is - you spend the best years of your life pushing a pen. The same with schools – we can master the program within three years, but we spend there much more time merely waiting to grow up enoughand having some fun while waiting. However you shouldn’t burn your bridges and change your life completely at once. If you’ve got an inner dismissal but you haven’t changed anything yet, that means you are not quite confident you’re doing the right thing. Get a vacation and try to sort yourself out.

When it is the right time for a vacation

Sometimes it’s not about the job – the job is just fine, but it’s about you – you feel exhausted and two August weeks on the beach won’t make it any better. All of a sudden office sounds and smells, your everyday way to work have begun to freak you out. For some reason you don’t feel well at work, but you feel fine the moment you leave your office. You feel uneasy about the tasks you used to complete easily. You are hungry and tired all the time, but your schedule hasn’t changed. It’s time for you to get a vacation. Not a regular one though, not that kind of lying-on-the-beach-watching-beautiful-sunsets-taking-beautiful-pictures vacations, but make use of the parable about the goat.

Parable about the goat:

One day a man comes to a teacher and says: “I’m so sick and tired of my family. I live with my wife, her mother and our three children”. The teacher says: “Take a goat to your house to live with you and come back in a month”. After a month the man comes again to the teacher and complains: “It couldn’t be worse – disgusting stink, hairs all over the place, spittle, noise, broken furniture”. The teacher replies: “Now take the goat back where it belongs”. After some time the man comes back to the teacher and says: “I couldn’t be happier – it’s clean, quiet and calm, everything is perfect”.

Go mountain-hiking, to some winter sport resortor an Indian monastery. Working at the nearest Orthodox Church or just a week in a village will also do (especially if there’re farm animals, a vegetable garden and a well). Here’re some more aesthetic and expensive but no less effective ways – regatta on a sailing ship, climbing down the underground caves or rafting. The main purpose of this vacation is to reboot your head.

If you’re always busy brain working while your body gets some work only in the gym or running in the morning, you’ll discover a couple of things: - Civilization has made our life so much easier: a washing machine, hot running water, a toilet room in the house and so on; - While doing some monotonous work (walking, washing up, digging up potatoes) you can finally get all your thoughts together and focus on those things that are really important for you; - Fresh air and good ecologywill make you feel better and relaxed; - New impressions and a new environment will restart your head and will transform your quantity experience into the quality of understanding.

Don’t forget you’ll need some days after your vacation in order to have some rest from your holidays, to acclimatize yourself and to come back to yourself. After such a vacation your job won’t seem that tiring bore anymore and you’ll be able to take a fresh look at your issues. Is that really that bad at your work? If not – you’ll have energy to change things, if yes – you’ll have energy to find a new job.

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17 Mar 2016
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