5 characteristics that make you a successful person

5 characteristics that make you a successful person

  • Successful people – what are they like?
  • How to succeed against all the odds?


What’s the difference between good luck and success? Good luck happens each time Fortune favours you, but success is the result of constant hard work and the ability to do that much and enthusiastically in order to achieve your goals. Our Hotwork.ru team think and talk a lot about success, so here’s our rating on 5-top characteristics of a successful person.

1.A successful person is learning all the time

According to Socrates, “The more I know, the more I realize I know nothing”. Constant self-development and exploration of new spheres in all aspects of your life – your work, hobbies, family, etc. – improve your mind and your way of thinking. You discover the world across the board and find your own way.

2.A successful person is able to listen to himself/herself

You might think what a folly? But stop for a second and ask yourself, what or who are you living for? Do you always act according to your wants and needs or just because “you must act like this”, because “you’re told to act like this”, because “this is the way it should be done”?.. YOU’LL FIGHT TO THE END AND OVERCOME ANY DIFFICULTIES ONLY WHEN YOUR OWN GOALS AND DESIRES ARE AT STAKE. IN ANY OTHER CASE YOU’VE GOT NOTHING TO FIGHT FOR, SO YOU GIVE UP EASILY.

3.A successful person can acknowledge his/ her mistakes

Actually, there’re very few “nothing-can-be-done” life situations, especially when it’s about work or career. Even when you’ve missed your chance, remember there’s another one waiting for you round the corner. The point is not to miss that one either. How? Acknowledge your mistake, draw out a lesson and make an action plan.


4.A successful person can plan his/ her time

There’s an opinion, that success is just a rational resources allocation. You’ve got only three resources: time, health, money. And there’re so many opportunities… In order to become successful, set your goals for a year, 6 months, a month and tot up. Have you succeeded? Why not? What should be done to succeed the next time?

5.A successful person reads a lot

They say there’re three ways to gain life experience: by living your life, by travelling or by reading books. Books are a source of knowledge and a portal to different worlds. But don’t forget to choose the right books: fiction for relaxation, business books for motivation and professional literature for self-development. And here’s my advice: if a book doesn’t “catch” you, put it aside. Life is too short to be spent on the books you don’t like. But if this is a practicable book, get back to it after some time.

This list is by no means complete and we’re going to continue it. But you turn these characteristics into your own features and you’re sure to become a little bit more successful in no time!

Megan HotWork author
18 May 2016
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