Careerist`s compass

Careerist`s compass

  • A 1000 miles way starts with the first step.
  • Building a career – where to start?
  • Not sure what my cup of tea is. What shall I do now?


Body clock

First of all you’ve got to find out whether you are a morning or a night person. If you wake up before the sun is up, you need no alarm-clock and after 9 pm you start dozing – you’re a morning person. If your morning starts with a loud shrill of your alarm-clock and you can’t go to bed before midnight – you’re a night person. There’s another way – for one month put down the time when some interesting ideas or problem solutions come to your head. If they strike you before midday – you’re a morning person, if they come later – you’re a night one. Knowing your body clock is important for defining your personal creativity peak which begins something like 2-4 hours after your wake up. So, if you’re a night person and you’re planning to go into exchange business your creativity peak will start right at the end of the stock trading. And the creative activity is the fundamental part of success in any field.


Writing or counting?

The next thing you need to find out whether you prefer exact sciences or liberal arts. Salieri could have made a remarkable mathematician, but he made a wrong choice…

Buridan’s ass chooses

Now it’s time to choose your future profession. The best time for doing that is your creativity peak. If you’ve chosen just one profession from thousands at once, don’t be complacent. If you’ve chosen several ones – let’s settle upon them for now. If you’re not quite sure what your cup of tea is – psychology or acting/ art direction – all of them seem appealing and you can’t make a choice don’t go round in circles! If you take the trouble to learn a little bit more about the chosen jobs, you’ll see that acting/ art direction are nothing but psychology… Where and how to learn? Whom to ask? Is it YOUR choice? Then it’s all up to YOU! If after you’ve learnt about the professions there’re still several variants, think of those you could give up easier. If that doesn’t help, take courses on all the chosen directions. The one finished with the best marks is your way.

Take courses on all the chosen directions. The one finished with the best marks is your way.

Hard case

You’ve read a lot, but the result is still the same – you’re not interested. Let’s look at this from a different perspective. There must be something you’re fond of. For example, you love playing computer games – you can become a game developer or tester or reviewer or something else! Just make a choice! Or, for instance, you have a passion for watching TV series. Well, tick off points on fingers – actor, director, screen writer, cameraman, make-up man, costume designer and so on. You’ll be able not just to see your “idols” in real life, but to chat with them. You’ll have to work anyway, and an interesting job is much better than a “I-serve-a-sentence-here-but-I-get-paid-though” job.

Pit stop

Now compare your dreams and expectations with the things you’ve just learnt. Are you ready for the “tire change”? Good for you! No? Even better! If your “tires” that will bring you to success don’t need a change – you’re lucky! Go ahead!

What shall I do now?

While I’m busy writing the following articles, save this one on your PC, make a list of the key points, define the main message and make a list of questions. After that, post all this in the comments. Those of you, who have taken the trouble to find the explanation of the terms they didn’t know, get an additional “plus” and tell in the comments what you were looking for and what you’ve found.


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18 May 2016
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