10 quotes of Winston Churchill

10 quotes of Winston Churchill

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10 facts about Churchill

• Prime Minister of Great Britain (1940-1945, 1951-1955 years)

• In 1910 he was the Minister of Internal Affairs of Great Britain

• Military journalist and political figure

• According to 2002 Air Force polls was named the greatest British person in history

• Descendant of the Malboro Duke

• Graduated school with poor results (13th position out of 13)

• Author of the book about Sudan campaign "War on the river"

• During lifetime received 38 awards, most of them military

• Was the member of Masonic Lodge "Stadholm", "Rosmary"

• World War 2 heavy infantry tank was named after him

Churchill gold words

1.I am easily satisfied with the best.

2.Do you have enemies? Good. Then there was something in your life that you were defending.

3.It is not enough to be able to make use of situation, you need to be able to create it.

4.Falcon rises high, when flying against the wind, rather than down the wind.

5.It is useless to say: "We are doing everything we can". You need to do what is necessary!

6.The person who never changes his mind is silly.

7.The best way to be consistent - is to change according to circumstances.

8.School teachers have authority that Prime Ministers can only dream of.

9.The big advantage is gained by the one who’s made the mistakes that he can learn from early enough.

10.Success is the ability to move from one failure to the other not loosing the enthusiasm.


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