Motivation column by Julia Nesteretz: planning

Motivation column by Julia Nesteretz: planning

  • Why do I always plan everything?
  • How does it help to achieve new goals?

Motivation column by Julia Nesteretz: planning

Today I’d like to dwell upon the concept of planning in the broadest sense of the word concerning every aspect of our lives.

Reasons why I’m in favour of planning everything:

- This is the best tool that lets you be the captain of your life!

- Your plans are the voice of your conscience, which makes you hasten in a moment of retard.

- When planning you automatically start analyzing the present situation and find things you’re not quite satisfied with, things you’ve always wanted to change. You’re engaged in an inner dialogue with yourself which doesn’t happen very often as a matter of fact. You start seeking for the answers: who am I, what am I, what do I really want?

- Realization of your plans makes you incredibly satisfied and proud of yourself, it gives you a sense of completion! You become more self-confident and your life shines in new splendor.

Why do we need planning? Not to waste precious time, not to go with the tide, but to be intent on your purpose.

Let’s study the examples. Suppose, you set a goal for 2014 – to earn 30% more.

Step 1. Find the reason why you earn less now:

- The company is small, it can’t pay more;

- Your knowledge is not that sound, not enough experience;

- You lack some skills;

- You’ve hit the ceiling of this profession.


Step 2. You take an adequate decision in order to reach the goal:

- You change the company;

- You acquire more experience;

- You show your worth at work;

- You start learning English – try some different activity area, that is able to offer you the desired salary

I mean, instead of doing nothing and going on with your everyday work without a goal finding faults with your boss, your country and so on, you can take some pains in order to get a higher salary. As a result you’re bound to get it in the long run! Either you start working for a more successful company, or… you can start your own business.

This method can be applied to other goals too: to lose some weight, to gain a new habit, to read 10 books for 6 months, to learn Italian. Achieving your goals is the best motivation for setting new ones.

All this takes effect upon all aspects of your life:

- You become more self-confident;

- You acquire precious life experience, which is your weapon;

- You change your life for the better;

- You feel great both at work (you’re reaching your goal step by step) and at home (you lead an active lifestyle, you have neither reasons nor time for quarrels, that more often happen due to idleness and frustration)!

LET’S HAVE A PROACTIVE VIEW OF LIFE! IT’S TIME TO RELY ON OURSELVES AND TO STOP CRYING THE BLUES. Feeling sorry for yourself is a very lowly employment!


Юлия Нестерец
Юлия сооснователь
18 May 2016
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