An Interview with a Psychologist

An Interview with a Psychologist

  • Why does an employer ask a job seeker to talk with a psychologist?
  • How should you behave during such interviews?
  • What are the kinds of tests used to select an employee?What are the kinds of tests used to select an employee?

An Interview with a Psychologist

Interviews with psychologists are a common practice everywhere. More often than before, employers are using this method in choosing the right employee. Large companies favor multistage interviews when job seekers have to talk with different HR specialists, managers, and psychologists.

Why is it Important?

This question immediately pops in your head when someone notifies you about an upcoming interview with a psychologist. First and foremost, it is not a whim of a manager. It is a way for a manager to know if an employee is going to fit a new team naturally and what personal features he has.

Personal traits necessary for one job may be absolutely unwelcome in another. For example, calmness and focus are good traits for an accountant, but when a sales man is an introvert, his professional qualities are doubtful.

Types of tests

Usually during the interview psychologists use conversations and tests. Every psychologist has his own set of tests and for each job seeker the set is chosen individually.


Common tests are as below:

Personality tests. These determine personal traits: sociability, stress resistance, leadership, etc.

Professionalism tests. Such tests focus on determining whether a job seeker suits the job, he is aiming for, or not. Theoretical and practical skills are generally considered.

Intellectual tests. These tests, most commonly, measure one’s IQ.

Do not Succumb to Provocations

A sweet and caring psychologist is something out of this world. Be ready for trickery and even aggression. Often to check a job seeker’s honesty, psychologists use the same questions in different ways. Sometimes they can say something borderline crude. Personal enmity has nothing to do with it. It is the way for a psychologist to test seeker’s poise and ability to control his anger. That is why it is important to stay calm and not to raise your voice or falter. Calmly answer all the questions. Show that you know how to handle stressful situations.

Restraint of Unnecessary Frankness

Avoid being too frank highlighting every aspect of your personality even if you meet a “good guy”. Your psychologist is not a preacher and an interview is far away from a confession. It is enough to fully answer the questions without going into details. An interview with a psychologist has a huge advantage. Sometimes it allows you to understand what kind of company you chose and determine if you want to work here.


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18 May 2016
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