How I was looking for people. Part 4. “Suffering losses”. Epilogue.

How I was looking for people. Part  4. “Suffering losses”. Epilogue.

  • HR’s “whitelist” and “blacklist” – what are these?
  • Several ways to get on them without even being interviewed.


Well, I’ve got 18 candidates for 3 positions before the beginning of personal interviews. I got 12 people from the posted vacancies and I found 6 more resumes while waiting:

- 4 candidates from my personal “whitelist”. These are the people whom I’ve failed to offer a position earlier to other companies for some reason.

- 2 ones upon the recommendations.

So, today I’m interviewing the candidates, job-seekers and nominees. All the urgent important problems are either solved or put aside. While waiting I do some things that don’t require much concentration and attention (just in order not to waste time). I am ready to meet them…

Subject of rejoicing No. 7

…, but they haven’t come. First wave. Out with all the 4 candidates. I don’t just cross them out and throw away their resumes, but take them to my “blacklist”. Second wave. I get a call 15 minutes before the start of the next interview. The candidate says, he’s sorry, he’s accepted an offer from some other company and isn’t coming to the interview. That’s sad, of course, but I take his resume… to the “whitelist”. Well, such things happen. Besides a good resume, this person has got common sense and morality after all. I do appreciate that. That’s why when searching for people next time I’m sure to have a look at his name and his resume once more. No one knows whether he’ll succeed in this company.

Another call – the candidate is 15-20 minutes late. It also happens. It doesn’t speak in his favour of course, but it happens. I’m going to ask him a couple of my “peculiar” questions in order to find out whether it’s an accident or a habit. I’ll draw my conclusions after that. The 2 other candidates have passed the time-test all right. Third wave. Just one person (out of 4) has come. In time (which is important). The rest three go to the “blacklist”. Fourth wave. It’s 5 minutes before the next interview starts. I get a call, “I’m at your guard desk…” Oops! “We don’t have a guard desk”. I wonder whom and why I was telling in detail how to find us?


Well, out of 18 candidates only 7 came.

1 person didn’t come, but was put to the “whitelist”. And on occasion I’ll offer him vacancies (or even buy/ pirate him).

10 people were put to the “blacklist”. I can understand that the circumstances may change, and there’s no way to call and to tell. I can understand this and that… I can understand everything, but I don’t care. The fact is – people have broken the agreement. B eing the person who is the first to decide whether or not you’re going to work here I’d like to give you some recommendations:

Recommendations 1-3 are here.

Recommendations 4-5 are here.

Recommendations 6-11 are here.

12.If you’ve decided that the position is not for you or you can’t come to the interview in time for some reason – let it be known BEFORE the fixed time. The world is round, life is long, the career path is winding.

13.If you happen to be late – don’t think it’s all over. Give a call, perhaps they’re still waiting just for you, exactly for you.

14.If you’re given detailed information how to get to the office including different landmarks – take it seriously. If you’re not – ask, “Will I find you easily?”, “Are there any special landmarks?” Nine times out of ten after such questions the HR will explain you everything in detail.


This is a true story. Those are real figures. There was also filling up a form, an interview with my tricky-wacky questions, test jobs and lots of other stuff.

I filled the vacancies. The people have been working for more than a year now. 8 more candidates were added to my “whitelist”. After some time I offered other jobs to the three of them and they accepted them. There’re 25 people in my “blacklist” now. I still see their resumes on job search web-sites from time to time.


Frankly speaking my colleagues and I are no saints either. We don’t call back after the interview. We don’t answer the letters. And we keep you waiting, and so on and so forth. I do admit this and I want to apologize to those people I’ve been ill mannered with. I’m begging you not to regard these articles as a veiled rebuke, a complaint or a mockery. Just pay attention to my recommendations in order… not to fall into the same trap. Following this advice won’t guarantee you a job, but will make the process of job search easier, won’t it? :)

Dear colleagues, these articles are written FOR THE CANDIDATES. I’m not revealing all the technics or criteria I use in my everyday work. And I don’t want to discuss them – here and now. This is a topic for another series of articles – if you’re interested, of course.


Megan HotWork author
18 May 2016
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