Motivational column by J. Nesterets: My 10 precents of success

Motivational column by J. Nesterets: My 10 precents of success

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Hi there! I’m Julia Nestertz, one of the co-founders of the project. I’m launching my own column, so here’s the opening article. From now on once a week – I give you my word – I’m going to write you inspiring letters that will teach, motivate and stimulate you to enjoy your life to the full!

Here in my first article I’m going to tell you about my own 10 precepts of success which I try to observe and to keep in my real professional and private life. Thanks to them I’ve achieved a lot.

My life motto is – We’ve got one life to live, so we should make the best of it!

My idea of this motto

Precept 1. You’ve got to enjoy your job, because that’s the place where we spend the bigger part of our life. You’ve got to figure out which things make you happy at work and which ones get you down. You’ve got to aim for such a job that can meet your requirements. But if you prefer growing flowers or cooking delicious yummies to any other work, why don’t you think of starting your own business. See my further letters in order to learn how to do that.

Precept 2. Every new day should do some good. Every new day should have a purpose – to create something new, to achieve a goal, to give up a bad habit, to acquire a new good one, to learn something new, to develop.

Precept 3. You’ve got to summarize your each spent day. At the end of the day I like to ask myself: What good have I done today? I hate those “empty” days that do happen from time to time nevertheless.


Precept 4. Long-term planning. At the beginning of every year I define my goals for the year on a sheet of paper: figures for work, a list of books I want to read, a list of countries I want to visit, a list of skills I want my baby to develop, a new language level I want to reach. Such planning makes my life more dynamic and reasoned and I believe it can be useful for people of all professions.

Precept 5. You’ve got to live with a person who makes you happy (and who is made happy by you, of course). I must say I’m against the idea of parents staying together just for the sake of the children. Children should be brought up in the atmosphere of happiness, which is a thing that can’t be created artificially. Children can feel that. But I’m not saying that parents should break up every time they face some crisis, that’s the easy part. First of all you’ve got to define those values that are the most important for you, let’s say 3 basic qualities your partner must have. If your partner does have them, all the other problems can be worked on, remember, no one is perfect. You’ve got to discuss all the things that make you unhappy. Don’t sweep the problem under the carpet, otherwise there’ll be an explosion that will make any dialogue useless. “Healthy” relationships with your partner imply constant work. But sometimes you’ve got to be wise enough to shut up at the right moment.

Precept 6. Conversation makes it easier to understand each other. This rule can be applied to people at work, people at home and all other people surrounding you.

Precept 7. You’ve got to learn to listen to yourself and to hear yourself, to listen to your emotions. What things make you happy and what things make you depressed. You’ve got to analyze your life and to talk to yourself. These will help you to understand what exactly you want from this life. And your personal desires will tell you eventually which way to go.

Precept 8. I’m independent of other people’s opinion (as much as possible). Wasting your life energy on attempts to please everybody is unattainable luxury. This is my life! And this is my truth! Take it or leave it :) There’s no sense in trying to please everybody.

Run your ship in the direction you wish. Take aboard only those people who make you happy.

Precept 9. Everybody was meant to be harmonious in everything. I’m absolutely convinced of this and I’ve learned through my own experience that it is possible to make a career, to be a good wife and the best mom ever (sorry for my being immodest). Every person has got much more energy that he thinks he has. We often underestimate ourselves. As a matter of fact it’s just a question of good time-planning and of those values you place priorities on. If your values are a good career, a happy family and your children, I’m positively sure you will find time and energy for everything. In the long run you and your family members will be happy.

Precept 10. You’ve got to surround yourself with “sunny” and positive people. Shine for people, inspire them and enjoy the good vibe coming back to you. Avoid embittered people grumbling at their life all the time. That’s a real waste of time and energy.

Remember, that you are the captain of your life. Run your ship in the direction you wish. Take aboard only those people who make you happy. Change the route each time you believe it is necessary. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, regard them as your life experience - that’s the way we become wiser. It’s important to have the courage to make a decision and to change everything.


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19 May 2016
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