"Time-drive" principals

"Time-drive" principals

  • What is the function of planning in time management?
  • What is the backbone of the “time-drive” system?


Personal efficiency came into vogue something like 10 years ago and I believe it won’t ever go out of it. Why? Because life is short, and within the given 50-70 years we long to do an awful lot of things. One of the ways to develop personal efficiency is correct time management, the ability to plan, to delegate and to be the right person at the right place. Time-drive – is a system of time management for the busy people, created by Gleb Archangelsky, the well-known Russian time-management expert. Here are the key principals of his system.

Strategic planning

This principal can answer the question, “How can I make myself plan at all?” Rephrasing Artemy Lebedev’s words, “You can’t! Stay in the sh*t!” Mr. Archangelsky suggests rising above the everyday routine and looking further. What are you working for? Why have you given birth to your child? WHAT ARE YOUR LONG-TERM GOALS AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TODAY IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE AT LEAST ONE OF THEM?

Clear border between labour and leisure

This principal deals with psychological and physical aspects of labour and leisure. If you can’t work - you’ve had a bad rest. Archangelsky says, a good sleep and a good rest are extremely important, everyone must have a break from his or her work – a lunch break or even a nap.

Long-term planning

This principal is related to the first point. One big global goal is divided into several small tasks, easy to complete, with progress performance and completion schedule.


Time tracking

This is not a principal, but a recommendation offering to study how much time you spend on different things and to understand whether you’re content with your time management. The point here is to be honest and not to play the results up while tracking.


Ad hoc tasks. Many people hate going to some place on business solely while they happen to come there on a regular basis. And that’s a very good principal. Drop in the dry-cleaner’s on your way to the office and when you happen to get to the financial department, give the acts to John. All you need to do is to arrange a suitable way not to forget kairoses in the workflow.

Attention management

UP TO 5 THINGS AT A TIME CAN HOLD A PERSON’S DIRECT ATTENTION. 10 more can stay on the fringes. So, you should organize everything according to this principal: your desk, PC, day timer. Remove from your sightline those things you must not think about during the working process, and it’ll get better. Order everywhere can save your time greatly when searching.

Putting down

Your memory is a bad assistant. You remember only the things you like, the others often slip your memory. That is why planning should be put down on paper or on your PC. Timely reminders and completion schedule will cure your forgetfulness.

Elephants and frogs

Mr. Archangelsky’s time management carte-de-visite. “Frogs” are small annoying tasks which are to be done but are always postponed. You’re supposed to take one “frog” a day and to do something enjoyable after that as a reward - to watch a sunset or read a book, for instance. “Elephants” are compound and complicated tasks which are hard to find a way to cope with. You’re supposed to slice “the elephant” and to take a couple of slices at each meal.

Legitimation of laziness

Blaming yourself for being lazy is easy, that is much easier than to stop being lazy. But Mr. Archangelsky offers not to fight with your laziness, but to make it profitable. Try during your idle hours not to entertain yourself with books, music or Internet, but to seriously and honestly laze away. Before that idle time put into your head those things that need to be thought over, or whipped into shape or formulated. Having no fun your free and relaxed mind will start working on the things you want it to. In the long run you’ll get your “lazy profit”.

This time management system is no way comprehensive, but some certain tools can make your everyday life better as well as they can make you a more organized person.


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19 May 2016
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